Why Getting a Low Back Massage Could Be a Big Mistake!

Why Getting a Low Back Massage Could Be a Big Mistake!

A Low Back Massage Might Sound Nice But Could be Detrimental!

Low back massage is a common treatment for lower back pain. Lower back pain is one of the biggest culprits of pain and discomfort out there and can be caused by many different factors. Due to the tightness and discomfort in the muscles of the back, you might think that the best option to relieve your back pain is to get a lower back massage. However, at Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield Sports Injury Clinic, we believe that before you go and get your back muscles loosened out you need to look at what caused them to get tight in the first place!

As we discussed in our previous blog post, one of the potential causes of low back pain originates from certain muscles in the front not working properly. When this is the case, the muscles in your back tighten up to give your body the core stability it needs to function. It’s not the core stability you want, but it does the job the best it can! If you simply release off the muscles in your back with a low back massage without fixing the core issue the best-case scenario is a temporary relief from pain, which will come back with a vengeance after a day or two. Worse yet, it can lead too much more severe problems like a disc prolapse or other spinal issue, as your core looses the stability that those tight muscles were trying so hard to maintain! If the low back muscles are tight and hanging on for dear life to give you stability and safety then making them loose might not be the best idea!

So What Do I Need Instead Of A Low Back Massage?

At Pro Sport physiotherapy we are not anti-massage, in fact quite the opposite (read our blog on 10 reasons to get sports massage Huddersfield in your life)! But we don’t believe in “releasing” muscles simply for the sake of it. Whenever a muscle is tight, your therapist should be identifying why it is tight. Treatment should be aimed at treating the dysfunction and not just releasing off muscles that seem “tight”. It is for this reason that our sports massage sessions begin with a thorough assessment to see how your body is functioning. We look at your general movement and how your muscles are working in relation to each other before starting the massage. If a muscle tightness keeps returning then ask yourself why is it returning!! Why does this muscle keep getting tight?

The take home message is that we should never just assume that a tight muscle needs to be released. We must first find out what has caused it to get tight in the first place and treat the true issue at hand! Keep an eye out in the coming weeks when we explain in Athletics Weekly why the PLANK IS THE WORST CORE EXERCISE EVER for low back pain!

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