When To Start Physiotherapy After An Injury

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Here at ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield Clinic we often get people contacting us asking when the best time is to come in and see us after an injury.

Many people have been told by healthcare professionals, friends, family and other people that the best form of advice for an injury is to rest it and that it will get better over time.

This thought process typically comes from the RICE/PRICE analogy for injuries which is set out below.

P – Protect

R – Rest

I – Ice

C – Compress

E – Elevate

Recently, however, there has been a tendency to move away from this analogy.

Research has identified the benefits of loading an injury early (obviously allowing for pain) and the subsequent quicker recovery times seen as a result.

With this in mind, the PRICE analogy has now been replaced with POLICE.

P – Protect
O L – Optimal Loading
I – Ice
C – Compress
E – Elevate

As we can see, the only change has been to replace ‘Rest’ with ‘Optimal Loading’.

What this means, in essence, is to manage your injury with small graded exposure to movement and weight bearing to stimulate the healing tissues.

Whilst at the same time allowing for the appropriate level of rest and protection to allow your symptoms to settle an injury to heal effectively.

With this in mind, let’s go back to the original question. When is the best time to begin physiotherapy following an injury?


More often than not, resting and waiting for your injury to heal by itself will result in you being away from doing what you love to do for longer.

If you’re a keen runner or sports person, or just want to get back to being in the garden this summer or playing with the children or grandchildren.

Don’t hold yourself back by waiting for your injury to heal itself.

Be proactive and make the first step and come and see us today.

Here at ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield, we know that by doing that, it’s more likely that you will be back doing what you want to go faster, and with less chance of the issue reoccurring.


….Avoiding the chances of ever getting an injury would be hugely beneficial to pretty much everyone!

Be able to train for Marathons, do the gardening, go for long walks around Huddersfield with your family without picking up an injury in the first place!

This can be easily avoidable by coming in for a regular Sports Massage, using the step-by-step system the World-Class Athletes and non-sporting Athletes use to eliminate the chance of getting an injury.

Get the chance of living injury free, waking up feeling fresh and full of energy and miss out being told you have to “rest” for you to recover by popping into the Huddersfield Physiotherapy Clinic for a Sports Massage.

Call 01484 443173 to book yours in at a time that suits,

We look forward to chatting with you!



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