What is a ProSport Physiotherapy Session Like?


Here is a video of a sample physiotherapy session of a runner getting assessed and treated at ProSport Physiotherapy!

What is a ProSport Physiotherapy Session Like?


Not sure if our service is what you need? Not sure if your problem warrants an appointment? At ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield we recognise that these are questions that you may have. Read on for an insight into what our sessions involve to help you make an informed decision on whether our service is right for YOU!


If a problem is causing you trouble in your everyday life or limiting your ability to perform in your chosen activities or enjoying your life pain free then it warrents an appointment. We know how much even the slightest little niggle can impact on your daily routine and we aim to get you back to 100% fitness (not just 99%!). So what do our sessions involve?


When booking in for an appointment we aim to get you in within the week that you contact us. We will do our utmost to find a time that suits you with availability Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm. Simply call our secretary on 07003 400 543 or book ONLINE 24 Hours a day.


When you turn up at your first session at any of our facilities we will meet you at the allotted time and show you where our treatment room is. You may be given a questionnaire to fill in while you wait and we are diligent about sticking to our schedule!


At the start of every session we look at your whole body and injury history. We know that the ankle you sprained last year can still be a major player in a problem anywhere else in the body! Sometimes injuries don’t make a lot of sense to the untrained ear. The body has endless ways of unusual compensations and cheats. We have seen old scars, piercings and even dental work cause havoc on the human body! This makes a detailed injury history very important and we make sure that the necessary details are pieced together, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions!


With your injury history as a baseline, the next part of a session at ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield involves looking at your movement patterns. This involves looking at the way you stand, walk and perform basic movements. We will then put your joints through their relative ranges of movement to feel how stiff/tight they are and where any restrictions might lie!

In this part of the session we will also look at how your muscles are working in relation to each other. Unbeknownst to you, your elbow pain might be a result of your gluteus (bum) muscles not doing their job effectively! We will find the true CAUSE of your injury/pain rather than just treat the sore area. This allows you to get back to 100% fitness in the minimal required number of sessions. You shouldn’t have to be attending 10+ appointments to achieve 80% improvement in symptoms unless an extremely rare, unique and chronic issue!


We believe in a HANDS ON treatment approach that gives you tangible results. By the end of the session you should see an improvement in your symptoms. All treatment will be specific to YOUR injury. We never use machines or throw everything at you in the hope that something sticks! All treatment will be carried out with a specific goal in mind. Although some of the techniques involve a level of discomfort, our patients know it is still doing some good (in a strange way!) and that you will see an improvement in symptoms. Patient feedback is always encouraged and valued throughout. We work towards YOUR goals and YOUR expectations.


At ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield we don’t just treat your injury and make you come back every week for the next 6 months! We give you the tools and guidance to enable you to REAWAKEN the correct muscles and movement patterns to enable you to live a successful pain free life! By giving you a bespoke, specific rehab program to do at home we give you the opportunity to treat your own injury day in and day out. This allows you to get the maximum benefit out of our sessions. As well as a thorough explanation of the exercises, we also provide you with online videos of the exercises where neccessary so that you can recap and check your technique as desired!


After your treatment session we don’t just forget about you until the next session! We are always reachable between appointments to answer any queries you may have. We encourage our patients to ask questions and would rather you ask and do your movement program correctly for a week rather than come back a week later without doing them correctly to enable you to get closer to moving pain free in minimal time! Want advise about whether or not you should run tomorrow? Felt something twinge in your back and a bit worried about whether you should train or not? We are here to answer those questions and provide you with the necessary information ASAP!

At ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield the patient always comes first. We believe in a HANDS ON approach that gives you the tools to treat your own injury between appointments. We believe in quick, tangible results and aim to get you back to 100% fitness. If you want to book an appointment, or need more information on our services, get in touch!


  • We treat the person and NOT the injury only! EVERY KNEE or HAMSTRING INJURY IS DIFFERENT can have different causes!
  • We use a HANDS ON APPROACH using soft tissue release techniques, plenty of massage, dry needling amongst our treatment tools!
  • Integrated rehab to STICK PROGRESS AND PAIN NOT TO RETURN AFTER AN HOUR! We treat the brain and allow your body to accept the changes that happens on the physio bed and integrates into real life movements!
  • ONLINE VIDEO LIBRARY! All your videos are online for you to check and ensure you are given yourself every chance to get yourself right in minimal time!
  • WE DONT NEED YOU TO SEE US EVERY WEEK FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS! We treat the TRUE CAUSE and enable you to resolve the pain completely if you are willing to work with us!



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