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 Your welcome pack below contains some key information to ensure you get the most value out of your experience with ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield. Our aim first and foremost is to help you get out of pain and living life pain free as quickly and safely as humanly possible. With that said, to ensure you get the most value please watch the short video or download the audio file instead prior to attending. This explains some easy concepts straight away to integrate and ensure you have already started your journey back to pain free living before your appointment.

Moving away from ‘fight or flight’

When we experience pain, (a signal from the brain that it wants you to take action AND NOT NECESSARILY DAMAGE!) our bodies tend to shift towards our sympathetic nervous system to keep us safe. This can cause our breathing rate and depth to change and therefore these videos below will help you move back towards ‘rest and digest’ before your first appointment. Watching these videos prior to your appointment are not essential but will help you get the most value from your sessions with us. 

Rest and Digest copy

Now, Lets Look In More Detail At What Your Pain Signals Are Really Telling You…

Click Here To Download The Audio Version Instead To Listen In Your Own Time

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