The Most Efficient Breathing Technique To Ensure You Get The Most Out Of Your Race

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Breathing Tips During A Race

Ask anybody who has been to see us at ProSport Physiotherapy Clinic Huddersfield, and they will tell you that we place a big emphasis on breathing.

Considering the fact that we take approximately 23,000 breaths a day, and it’s essential to stay alive, we think it’s safe to say breathing is pretty important!

But how should you breathe during a race?

We hope to shed some light on this in the blog below!

Nasal Breathing Or Mouth Breathing?

Nasal breathing is the bodies preferred breathing pattern.

When we nasal breathe, our heart rate is lower, there’s less stress on our respiratory system, and perceived exertion will be much lower.

The problem is, the fast we go the more air we need to get in, and there comes a time when nasal breathing is no longer effective!

This is where mouth breathing comes in use, and it’s absolutely fine as you get to those higher speeds to breathe through your mouth…

…But it is essential that day to day, and when you finish, you go back to nasal breathing for the best recovery.

What About For Longer Distances?

World famous author and ultrarunner, Scott Jurek, thought himself to breathe through his nose during races. His reasoning is that the benefits gained from the decreased heart rate will help him maintain higher speeds for longer.

As a multiple-time winner of BadwaterSpartathlon, and the Western States 100 miler, if it’s good enough for him it’s definitely something to consider!

But breathing through your nose is difficult as the effort increases, and takes some practice.

The longer your race is, incorporating some nasal breathing is worth considering!

The Verdict:

Nasal breathing definitely beats mouth breathing in terms of efficiency in most cases, but the faster and more effort we put in the harder it is to maintain.

For short, quick races, mouth breathing is going to be more efficient, but as the distance increases, it is worth practicing nasal breathing.

A good way to start is for any recovery run, make sure you are breathing in and out through your nose.

You’ll be surprised how slow you need to go to maintain this at first, but with practice, it becomes easier!

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