Sports Massage In Huddersfield Is Only £25 For The Month Of October

October is well known for going sober and giving the booze a break. To help you regain your health, we have a special offer of £25 for 1 hours massage and sports massage in Huddersfield and just £15 for 30 minutes with Matt Schofield, our newest recruit. Matt has undergone intense training throughout the last three months including helping the Huddersfield Giants prepare for their gruelling play-offs schedule providing Sports Massage on a daily basis.

Matt is now ready to step up to the plate and join the ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield team on a full time basis. Matt has the fundamental understanding that if a person presents with tight and achey muscles, that very often the true cause of this tightness may be else where in the body. Gone are the days of simply rubbing a muscle that feels tight (certainly at ProSport Physiotherapy anyways) and finding the true cause to help your nervous system self regulate the muscle tone.

Matt has joined the ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield team full time after intense training with the Huddersfield Giants Rugby League Team.

We combine sports massage with many other techniques to ensure that your muscles simply do not tighten up again in a day or so but rather help you keep control of your own body. We utilise our skills combined with advice on breathing therapy, useful movements and access to our online rehabilitation and exercise library as required to ensure you get complete value for your money and keep the gains of your session, even when we are no longer with you.

After your session, if we feel some movements will benefit you, you will be sent some videos to help you keep your gains from your session from our online exercise library.

If you would like to take advantage of this great offer and get rid of those tight muscles, aches or pains then please contact us by emailing or tel: 01484 443173 / 07850128386.

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