Sports Massage In Huddersfield Just £10 For 30 Minutes

We are offering great value this January to help you live pain free in 2016 by having our sports massage services for £10 per half hour during January. Take care of those tight muscles or simply use the 30 minutes to just let your body ‘switch off’ from the demands of daily life to focus on yourself and your breath for just 30 minutes. This will help move your nervous system away from your ‘fight or flight’ system that is often dominant with people with symptoms such as stress, anxiety or sleeping problems and allow your body to restore your breathing and physiology back towards your ‘rest and digest’ system.

Invest in yourself this 2016 and this offer is a great opportunity to start this process. You can book your £10 offer with Matt now where he will educate you on your breathing first and foremost to ensure you get most value from your massage. While Matt is helping to relax the physical tissues, you will be working on relaxing your inner systems of your body for a great combination to restore your ability to move towards ‘rest and digest’ and away from ‘fight or flight’. Matt will then send you some follow up exercises that he feels would benefit you to ensure you receive the most value from your ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield Massage Experience. You can book now using the link below to book online or simply contact us using the contact form.

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Please note this special offer price will be applied at the time of appointment. Please book in with Peter for a 30 minute or 1 hour appoint as per usual and the discounted price will be applied at time of appointment. This special offer only applies to Matt Schofield, our specialist soft tissue therapist and movement coach. 

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