Sochi 2014 & Skiing Injury Prevention Tips!

Congratulations Jamie!

Sochi 2014 & Skiing Injury Prevention Tips!

Winter Olympics

What a great winter Olympics it has been for Team GB! We are particularly very proud of Jamie Nicholls who was outstanding in the final of the men’s slopestyle final finishing an amazing 6th place! Jamie called into our Huddersfield clinic for some treatment in November before heading off on an intense training camp in America before the Olympics! We are treating some other professional snowboarders at our elite clinics in the University of Huddersfield and Extreme Conditioning at the moment and thought this would be a great time to give those going skiing in the half term some injury prevention tips that we also give professional snowboarding athletes!

Skiing Injury Prevention Tips!

1)   Stretch your quadriceps muscles before and after skiing!

This video above is an easy stretch to do before and after skiing!

Stretch your quadriceps muscles before and after skiing!
The quadriceps is generally very tight in the public domain anyhow! If these get even tighter they can cause other key muscles to become inhibited and suboptimal. This in turn can cause poor muscle reaction and potentially cause ACL ruptures!

2)   Mobilise your ankles!

This video is a quick and easy exercise pre skiing!

If your ankles are not moving correctly then the chain reaction will follow that the knee will not be working correctly! You know what happens after that!

3) Mobilise your mid back!

This video is a quick and easy exercise to do!

Your mid back is very important in skiing and actually has to move in opposite directions to your pelvis at times! If this is not moving optimally then your centre of gravity is altered, your balance will be off and again you know the rest!

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