Shoulder Physiotherapy Huddersfield – The What, Why and How

In this blog post, we cover some essential information you need to know about shoulder pain

The What

Shoulder pain is a complex beast. The shoulder girdle itself is comprised of 3 joints; the Glenohumeral joint (between your upper arm and shoulder blade), the ScapuloThoracic joint (between your shoulder blade and ribs) and the Acromioclavicular joint (between your clavicle and shoulder blade). These joints all contribute to shoulder movements and can all be the source and/or cause of pain.

These bones however, can’t move themselves. This is the result of complex interactions of several muscles around the shoulder and upper back/chest. The power of our shoulders is dictated by how well we can transfer force from the rest of our bodies, more than 50% of the power in our shoulder is transferred through our torso.  In fact the bodies whole kinetic chain (the link between the muscles of your legs, core and shoulder) is so significant to the shoulder that a leg injury could leave you anywhere from 33-66% more likely to suffer a shoulder injury!

The Why

Many of the issues seen in the shoulder come as result of dysfunctional movement which places increased stress on these muscles and particularly the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff normally acts as a dynamic stabiliser for the shoulder and provides assistance in several movements. However, when movement is dysfunctional extra stress is placed upon these structures as they are required to generate large forces. This increase demand can spark a degenerative tendon process leading to pain.

This dysfunction could affect any one, or combination of, the 3 shoulder girdle joints. Also, as previously stated, the dysfunction could be entirely separate from the shoulder altogether!

Injuries to your leg, poor core control and weak muscles within the kinetic chain can compound to create an inefficient transfer of force which will stress these small stabilising muscles.

The How

Management of shoulder pain can vary greatly depending on numerous factors. However, one remains most pertinent in that the true cause for the excessive stress placed on these structures must be found. At ProSport Physiotherapy we aim to assess both the SOURCE and CAUSE of your pain. Identifying the true cause of your pain so that it is not just solved temporarily but PERMANENTLY! While rest and rotator cuff exercise may provide some brief relief, only will identifying and addressing the root of the issue allow focussed management leading to long term relief.

Some cases may require specific strengthening of the shoulder itself as well as the key areas we identify to be problematic throughout the kinetic chain. Finally, we will tie the two together and help to cement the changes we make into your brains subconscious to prevent the problem from returning EVER!

In most cases, our unique hands on treatment approach, combined with the ability to find the TRUE CAUSE of your shoulder pain can have you pain free very quickly! Contact us below now! Don’t delay and put your shoulder at further risk. Live pain free again.

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