Shoulder Pain Relief Exercise

Shoulder Pain Relief Exercise

Shoulder pain can be an annoying and stubborn problem and the pain may not completely resolve until the small muscles are the front of the shoulder joint are addressed. The below self relief exercise is a great option.


Starting Position:

Lie on your stomach with a tennis ball under one of your pectoral (upper chest) muscles.


Adjust your position o the ball until you find a trigger point. Hold any “hot point” for 30/60s. Then switch spots and repeat.

Coaching Key:

Try to place as much body weight as possible on the ball. The more painful it is the more your muscle needs to be massaged but gently ease into the pressure and breathe throughout.

You Should Feel:

As if you were getting a deep massage to your chest.

If you have shoulder pain and this exercise does not completely resolve the issue call us now on 07003 400 543 or book an appointment.



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