Shoulder Pain Bench Pressing – Cross-fitness Physio Huddersfield Episode 2

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In episode two of Cross-fitness Physio Huddersfield, our new video series in which we highlight what we think are the fundamental errors people make when performing key lifts in the gym, we talk about shoulder pain when bench pressing. We believe this is an important topic to cover and it is something we deal with every week in the clinic with all types of people, from professional athletes to weekend warriors.  See the video below to find out our opinion on why people get shoulder pain bench pressing.

Why do I get shoulder pain when I bench press?

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Key points to remember

  • Set shoulder blades and develop tension in scapular stabilizer muscles to create a stable platform to push from
  • Bring elbows down and develop tension in lats to take strain from rotator cuff muscles
  • Keep chest up and back slightly arched to ensure good position as above

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