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Achilles Tendon Problem Treatment Huddersfield

We treat both professional sport and private patients.

At Pro Sport Physiotherapy we have dealt with hundreds of cases of Achilles tendonpathy in both professional sport and private practice. Through our previous experiences within professional sport and dealing with some chronic and irritable cases, we have unrivalled experience in getting to the root cause of the problem.

The cause of the tendonitis will usually be due to overloading issue of certain muscles and reduced activity of other muscles. The part of the tendon that is damaged/irritated can change the rehabilitation programme significantly. Through working with some of the world’s best specialists in Achilles issues, we have unrivalled experience in dealing with these issues and getting you back to your chosen goals in minimal time.

Very often the Cause of issue is somewhere completely different!

The Huddersfield Runners Quadriceps Self Stretch Test

We have come up with a self test to stop Huddersfield Runners from injuring various joints in the body! This quick self test indicates if you need to spend more time stretching your muscles along the front of the leg.

From a seated position, within 5 seconds get on the floor and get into this position as pictured below!

  • If you can get into this position within 5 seconds then your muscles and joints are supple enough for the high demands of running!
  • If you can’t get into this position within 5 seconds but can eventually then your muscles are STIFF and could do with some more regular stretching!
  • If you cannot get into this position and touch heel to bum then you are not moving as efficiently as you could be and possibly putting other muscles and joints at risk of having to work even harder! This can be due to scar tissue build up, other adhesions, changes in your motor patterns amongst other things!

Stay nice and tall throughout, don’t lean forward and heel must touch bum!

How we fix?

Our Sports Massage Huddersfield and Physiotherapy Huddersfield Services will always assess these joints on the very first session and the treatment plan and sessions are always work towards getting the athlete’s muscles and joints to move with the required elongation and suppleness required to withstand the impacts the body endures.

If you cannot get into this position within 5 seconds some simple movements can help.

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