Physiotherapy Huddersfield Weightlifting Master Class Episode 1 – The Deadlift

Welcome to the first episode of Physiotherapy Huddersfield Weight Lifting Masterclass. On the first week of every month we will be putting out a new weight lifting masterclass. We will show you some of the vital errors we see people making day in day out here at ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield and how you can address these common mistakes.

These errors when not corrected ultimately end people up at our clinic. Over the years we’ve had Crossfitters, runners and recreational gym users in to see us with pain due to poor technique.

One we frequently see is lower back pain from deadlifting, so where better to start.

The Deadlift is often a neglected, poorly executed exercise, when done right it’s one of the best strengthening exercises for the posterior chain. But when done wrong can wreak havoc on your whole body and be the main reason your back ‘Go’s’.

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Teaching Points

  • Natural stance with feet under hips
  • Grip bar in preferred fashion
  • Hands placed where arms won’t interfere with pulling
  • Bar above mid-foot
  • Shoulders pinned back and down Lats contracted
  • Keep weight on heels
  • Bar stuck to shin, bar should travel up your shin and thighs
  • Head straight ahead
  • Push bum back and upwards, you should feel the hamstring firing
  • Shoulders and hips rise at same rate when pulling bar from floor
  • Activate the gluteal muscles from the start of the movement to the end
  • Return bar to floor in the same manner

Common Errors

  • Shins too far forward
  • Rounding of the back
  • Chest is too Upright
  • Relaxed at the shoulders
  • Hips rising too fast
  • Bar is away from the body
  • Looking up

 For more tips on the preventing back pain in the Deadlift check out Cross-fitness Physio Huddersfield Episode 1.

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