Pain during the Squat – Cross-Fitness Physio Huddersfield Episode 3

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In episode 3 of Cross-Fitness Physio Huddersfield, ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield physiotherapist David Ferguson discusses the squat and common mistakes during its execution that lead to pain and injury. Every week we get people coming into the clinic with back and knee pain due to squatting. Hopefully, this video will help you squat pain free!

Pain during the squat

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Key Points

  • Ensure you hips are in the correct position for YOU
  • Make sure your shoulder are in the best position to support the lift
  • Be sure to engage your glutes and un-rack the bar SAFELY
  • Watch out for lower back rounding / over-arching
  • Watch out for knees tracking inwards on the way back up!

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