Neck Strengthening Exercises for Neck Pain is not a good idea!

Neck Strengthening Exercises for Neck Pain is not a good idea!

Neck Pain – Feel like it weighs a tonne?

Neck pain is a common condition seen in the Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield Sports Injury Clinic on a daily basis. We often see Chronic Neck Pain cases that people have had for years. Treatments such as mobilisations and massage temporarily relieve the pain and tension but it quickly reappears days later!

Einstein said it best when he said “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity!”

So Why Does It Keep Tightening Up Then?

Well that is the question we ask ourselves every single time when assessing a patient. WHY WHY WHY! It is only when we ask why that you can truly get rid of this chronic tension once and for all! Well Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield Sports Injury Clinic is going to let you in on a secret to solving chronic neck pain! Very often the Neck muscles are actually STRONG!!

How Can I Have Neck Pain But My Neck Muscles Are Strong?

Well very often there is another area of your body usually below the neck that is actually weak and causing the neck muscles to over work hence causing neck pain! Until this part of the body is addressed then it does not matter how much Massage, Mobilisations and Manipulations you have to your neck, those muscles will just keep tightening up again unfortunately and alters the neck vertebrae’s instantaneous axis of rotation out of an ideal alignment again and again and again. This alters the forces  spread through the joints which can then lead to a further noxious stimulus to the tissue and pain may reappear with stiffness and decreased range of motion. We find this cycle will need to be interrupted and addressed in many chronic cases to ensure a full resolution of symptoms.

So How Do I Know What I Need To Strengthen To Fix My Neck Pain?

Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield Sports Injury Clinic. Unfortunately until we actually assess you we cannot be a 100% sure which muscles need to be actually strengthened to eliminate your Neck Pain! Some people need core work, some need hip stability work, some might even need ankle stability work! We often will have two cases of left sided ‘trap or shoulder pain/tightness’ radiating into the shoulder blade or up into the neck. These two exact same case presentations will not clear with the same treatment plan because EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT! We cannot give every patient the same treatment and expect the same result as every single person moves different to the next!

Some Signs That My Neck Is Overworking For Other Muscles

  • Neck feels like it weights a tonne especially at the end of the day
  • Neck feels tight when getting stressed or anxious
  • Breathing feels laboured and difficult at times
  • Improves slightly with exercise but stiffens up at rest
  • When doing sit ups, there is a lot of pressure felt in your neck
  • Neck feels tight after doing weight training

The Other Side Of The Coin

There will be some rear cases however where neck strengthening exercises may be indicated and will actually help completely eliminate neck pain. Again this will all be assessed in the Assessment in the Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield Sports Injury Clinic.

If you have Neck Pain that you have struggled to get rid of get in touch today and allow us find the real cause and eliminate the tension and aches once and for all! You can book in ONLINE by clicking HERE or Call 07003 400 543.



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