Huddersfield Marathon Runner Lifestyle Assessment Case Study

In this short case study, we take you through a Huddersfield Marathon Runner’s Lifestyle Assessment report as they prepared for a Marathon. The runner is a 48 year old male who regularly runs between 3 hrs and 3 hr 10 marathons. The runner has experienced occasional niggles throughout his training on numerous marathons and his goal is to perform a sub 3 hour marathon.

This week’s report from taken 6 weeks out from the Marathon at the peak volume and intensity of his training. Day 1 is taken after a long run on the Sunday and we pick up the report from the Monday morning.

 Key Points;

  • Monday and Tuesday Recovery Runs Too Intense And Not Achieving The Desired Goals
  • Identified Times Of Highest Stress During The Day
  • Identified Suboptimal Recovery Immediately After Runs
  • Identified Times Of Suboptimal Sleep

firstbeat male black and white putting monitor on


  • Advice Regarding Intensity Of Recovery Runs At The Start Of The Week
  • Advice and Awareness of Subtle Changes To Schedule Prior to And After Runs
  • Specific Therapy Techniques To Restore ‘Rest And Digest’ Dominance At Identified Points Throughout The Day
  • Specific Therapy Techniques To Perform Immediately After Shower To Help Reduce Heart Rate And Restore ‘Rest And Digest’ Dominance Post Run.



It is not the goal of the Lifestyle Assessment to make dramatic and unrealistic changes to your lifestyle but rather identify the most important places where we can make small changes to reap the biggest rewards first and foremost. We want all our marathon runners to train hard but to also train smart and achieve the goal of the particular sessions during the week.


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