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At ProSport Physiotherapy, WE THINK DIFFERENTLY! With every single injury and pain presentation, we treat the body as one big system rather than just focusing on the site of pain to help us resolve pain quickly and effectively. We listen to the PERSON in front of us and treat you as an INDIVIDUAL rather than giving every person the same exercises and hoping for the best. The ProSport Physiotherapy Lifestyle assessment is extremely useful in helping us resolve even the most stubborn cases and we are now offering this as a standalone service for anyone who is interested into finding out more about how their lifestyle is impacting on their body and mind at present.


What Is It?R-R-interval-en-300x137

The ProSport Physiotherapy Lifestyle Assessment uses gold standard heart rate variability equipment to offer you a unique opportunity and insight into how your body and subconscious mind is reacting to your day to day lifestyle.

We use proven technology to measure your heart rate variability throughout your day and night to give you numerous pieces of valuable information. Your heart rate variability is not interested in your heart rate per say but rather the variability in time between each beat. This has been proven to offer an insight into if your body is using your sympathetic ‘fight or flight’ system or your parasympathetic ‘rest and digest’ system predominantly throughout your day.

Why Should I Care About This?

While we will naturally shift between our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems throughout the day, we can sometimes use one system more than the other for longer periods than required. The sympathetic nervous system is a cost effective resource to be running for the majority of the day. It is part of the system that produces cortisol which contributes to stress reactions and ultimately affects our ability to sleep well, think clearly and calmly and heal our bodies naturally.

The parasympathetic nervous system is the restoration system in our body that allows us to reduce our breathing rate, heart rate and brain waves. It is the nervous system that one would use when in a state of relaxation or meditation or in deep REM sleep. This system is essential to allow restoration of our body’s various systems including the musculoskeletal system

 What Kind Of Information Or Feedback Can This Lifestyle Assessment Give Me?


Key times of high stress reactions during your normal working da
Ability to recover during your normal working day
Ability to ‘switch off’ after a day’s work or particular activity
Amount of recovery during sleep
Quality of recovery during sleep
Energy expenditure during your normal week
Physical activity index
Training Effect From Physical Activity
Ability To Recovery From Training Or Physical Activity



What Can You Do With This Information?

We then help you make simple, easy to implement solutions to improve your performance throughout your day, achieve your goals and simply feel better by making better informed choices that we know your body benefits from. This may include some simple 5 minute interventions at key moments of your day to be proactive in avoiding continued stress reactions rather than been reactive to stress.  Firstbeat-female-stretching--300x181

The ProSport Physiotherapy Lifestyle Assessent is unique in that we not only identify key areas and times of day to implement your solutions to get the biggest rewards but also give you the tools and support to achieve your goals. We do not make assumptions when prescribing your program, we deliver a bespoke program for your needs and your life.Firstbeat male with kid circular

Lifestyle Assessment

Identify Your Key Stressors And Make Small Changes For Big Results

INTRODUCTORY OFFER (limited To 25 people) £99,

SAVE £50 (usually £149)

– Lifestyle Assessment and Bespoke Action Plan

  • Firstbeat Pre-assessment Stress Profiling 3 or 7 Days
  • 1 Hour Lifestyle Assessment Reporting and Bespoke Action Plan Strategy Session


  • Bespoke rehabilitation program delivered to your email with online video links
  • Membership to the ProSport Physiotherapy Lifestyle Members Area with access to all our content.

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