Let’s Get Rid Of This Knee Pain For You Once and For All And Get You Back To Living Life Without Aches, Pains, Stiffness And Relying On Painkillers!

This is a great way to lengthen this tissues that insert into and below the knee to instantly take pressure off your knee after a days work or activity. As always please ensure that you are completely pain free doing this movement otherwise please get in touch.

This exercise can work great to provide relief from knee pain symptoms after a days work or activity. However all we are really doing it temporarily taking pressure off the knee joint. The question we really want to ask ourselves is why are these muscles doing so much work and tight in the first place? The answer to this question is specific to you and this is why we think differently at ProSport Physiotherapy. We strive to find the true cause our your pain and promise to never just treat the symptoms!

If you would like us to find your true cause and get some professional hands on treatment that will massively speed up the process of you getting back to living your life pain free again and enjoying all the things that you used to love doing without pain then get in touch below:

Tel: 01484 443173 | 07850128386

Email: huddersfield@prosportphysiotherapy.co.uk


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