The Kettlebell Swing Technique

The kettlebell swing technique is covered in today’s blog. This is a great movement to help develop your ability to create powerful movements generated from the hips. Some of our patients at ProSport Sport Physiotherapy  when they come to see us with back pain, knee pain or even shoulder pain may often use inefficient and energy expensive movements to achieve the simplest of tasks both in the gym and in daily life. By retraining our brain’s ability to utilise elastic energy is a great way to feel ‘light’ and ‘springy’ again and this movement can help retrain this greatly if done correctly.

Key Points:

  • Ensure you feel the load in the hamstrings and hips on the backswing
  • Ensure the weight goes towards the rearfoot on the backswing
  • Explode through the hips and allow this movement to power the kettlebell upwards
  • Do not attempt to pull the kettle bell upwards with the hands, let the hands guide the bell not generate the force.

If you would like to gain confidence with this movement or even just gain confidence to perform exercises safely and effectively in the gym then feel free to contact us about a session to help you with our  ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield Get Fit Program and exercise therapy sessions. You can book an appointment online below or contact us on 01484 443173 or 07850128386 or just email

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