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At ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield, you probably realised by now that we love treating runners! Don’t get us wrong, we love treating all clients with all sorts of problems, and we sincerely hope you can see our passion in how we work with every client. Runners are an interesting population to treat however! Despite been obsessed with running, and getting them to listen your recommendations with regards running loads during an injury, most running injuries are caused by over use mechanisms. This means it can be coming from ANYWHERE and we really love the challenge of tracing the injury, right back to where it all began.

Not only this, but we also need to get runners out of pain, injury free and also get them running more efficiently so the injury does not comes back. We really need to do this so they can really utilise their own bodies to the best of their abilities. This is quite a challenge, in sometimes as little as 3 to 4 sessions. We also have lots of runners travelling long distances for us to help them and can get them out of pain quickly too…


But! The problem was that we knew we were just tipping the iceberg in how much better we could be getting a runners body moving with a little more work. There was so much UNTAPPED POTENTIAL! It is SO MUCH EASIER to change how you move when you are not in pain you see. Pain affects EVERYTHING, which is half the challenge. But, understandably once a client is pain free they want to get back on with it. Therefore we have come up with a solution to our problem of helping runners when they pain free and have left our clinic!


We have put our lives work and experiences of what works and frankly what does not work with runners into a room, bashed it around a little, rinsed out all the unnecessary exercises and stretches and come up with PBRunFree is named with you guys in mind, with the aim to helping you run and achieve those PBs while running and remaining injury free. All our methods and systems for improving your running will be in this resource where once you are finished your Physiotherapy Treatment  or Sports Massage  with us, we can direct you to continue to improve your performance, as if we were still with you every step of the way and really unleash that running potential!

Working With People Not In Pain Is SO MUCH EASIER to Make Permanent Changes!

You see, PAIN CHANGES EVERYTHING! Pain can affect everything; your breathing, your mood, how your muscles work and is tricky to make long lasting changes fast. It takes a little time and dedication! But we LOVE working with people not in pain also! This is our bread and butter! We work with professional athletes on a daily basis and make changes to how they move when they are not necessarily injured but need to perform better! And let us tell you, it is SO MUCH EASIER to make permanent long lasting changes to people who are pain free! This is what is all about, allowing you to run better, make the most of your body and really turn it into a durable running machine!

So What Now For This Blog?

This blog will stay exactly the same. We will continue to bring you tips and cutting edge information, the minute we have tried and tested it and know it works! Any new articles posted on PBRunFree will be announced here also but we do recommend you do 2 actions now and 1 later below!

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