Improve your Squat Pattern Instantly

Improve your Squat Pattern Instantly

Got Squat?

The Squat Pattern is probably the most important pattern to be able to do yet we DO IT WRONG ALL DAY LONG!! How many times a day do you get up from a chair or in and out of a car? Stand up from a sofa? How you are suppose to get up from this position ideally will look like a squat pattern!

A good Squat will ideally consist of a straight back until the hips sink to 90 degrees with no rounding of the low back! Inadequate hip mobility is one of the main reasons why this happens! Other causes can be due to ankle problems, pelvic floor issues and poor diaphragm positions to name but a few!

Introducing the Sumo Squat Yoga Flow

The exercise below is a great exercise to groove the squat pattern before training the squat pattern or simply before performing one of the tens of squats you perform on a daily basis! Increased hip motion will lead to decreased pressure on other areas of the body!

This exercise is part of 1 particular sequence from our Yoga Movements for Runners Manual which will be launched soon!

The Sumo Squat Yoga Flow

Start with feet slight wider than you would for a normal squatting pattern.

Keep your hands on your laces and drive your knees outwards as your body sinks below your hips! Keep your chest out and proud!

Keeping your hands on your toes, stick your bum up in the air to get the hamstrings to lengthen and swing bum side to side to increase and decrease the stretch on each side!

Sink your bum between your knees again keeping chest out and proud, continue to drive your knees outwards while keeping your feet planted on the floor.

Performance Manual Therapy for the Squat Pattern

For some people, the hips (or other body parts) will be so stiff that they may require some additional hands on treatment to allow them move much better! We would watch you squat or move and see which particular muscles and ligaments around the hip are not lengthening correctly. We would then release scar tissue and adhesions around the hip joint to allow you to squat better than ever! If you are interested in this service do not hesitate to get in touch! We use this type of hands on treatment for both injured and uninjured athletes and it really is a injury prevention saver! For more information get in touch below!

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