Thanks for confirming your interest. We have just sent you details on how to reserve your place. For now, here is a stretch that 99.9% of runners would benefit from in my opinion. It’s a brilliant stretch that lengthens your muscles, skin, nerves and fascia very similar to how it needs to lengthen when running. Give it a try and please don’t forget to breathe throughout! About 8 to 10 reaches each side should do the job. If one side feels a little tighter then just add another set to this side! We will be going through this and many more really useful movements to do prior to and after your runs on the movement screening evening.


Give it a try now and start incorporating it into your pre run routines. Takes 2 minutes and will really help your hips to loosen before and after runs.

Don’t forget to check your emails where I will be giving you a tour of our online support system that you will have access to for the next 5 months to really help you recover between runs, strengthen your core or just try a few different breathing exercises to help you relax between runs.

Speak soon,


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