Golf Screening Assessment And Follow Up Sessions

Would you like to move more effortlessly throughout your golf swing?

If answered yes, then the ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield Golf Screening and Assessment is for you. Dave O’Sullivan has recently been working with Karl Morris, Leading Golf Mind Coach at Mind Factor to numerous professional major winners to combine their knowledge to help you get the most out of your swing.

How Dave can help you?

What Dave and Karl have been working together on is the little known fact (to the general public) that the body moves AWAY from PERCEIVED THREAT of the subconscious mind. Therefore that ‘old’ right ankle sprain could be actually subconsciously ‘blocking’ or ‘altering’ your swing and you may struggle to load that right hip or keep the wrist in a certain position during the back swing for a right handed golfer. That ‘old’ bang or bruise to your ribs or old knee injury on the left could be worrying your subconscious mind and hence putting the brakes on to stop you really accelerating on the downswing. While these are old injuries, to the subconscious mind they are still very much a threat and if we desensitise these using our unique combination of techniques, then you can truly get the best out of your swing.

So Is It All In My Head?

In a sense yes, but we actually need to do physical activities to ‘show’ or ‘re-assure’ your subconscious mind that this movement is now safe for you. This is where Dave comes in and can use his extensive knowledge and understanding of the body to help you desensitise these perceived threats using hands on treatment and rehabilitation techniques. Dave will take you through some advanced integration techniques that he has used on professional athletes from various sports over the last 8 years.

What If I Am Working With A Golf Coach Already?

No problem. Dave is not claiming to be a golf coach or golf expert, far from it! But what Dave does understand is how to ALLOW your body to move the way your golf coach may be trying to get you to swing and identify potential physical and subconscious blocks to that movement where you may be subconsciously moving AWAY from during the backswing or downswing. If anything this work compliments your golf coach’s work and will allow you get more value from your coach and work on the finer points after clearing these issues. Dave will help you move into positions your golf coach wants you to get to, your coach can then fine tune you to really maximise your potential.

How Long Are The Sessions And What Do I Receive?

The sessions last 1 hour in duration and you will receive a full assessment, treatment and corrective exercise strategy session with a follow up email explaining the findings and links to all your exercises online for you to implement at home or before you go on the course. You will also receive a bespoke 5 minute golf warm up SPECIFIC to your needs to help you move the way you want to move.

How Many Sessions Will It Take Before I See Results?

While every person and their injury history is different, you should be able to feel the differences within the first session. The results as always are related to how much commitment you give to your reccomended corrective exercise strategy (which will take less than 20 minutes a day). If we find the main ‘perceived threats’ then the results can be dramatic and quick.

What Is The Cost Of The Golf Assessment?

We offer various packages below to suit your needs.

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Dave, speaking at the Karl Morris's Mind Factor 2015 at Manchester in November about how the mind and physical body can affect each other...
The Hips Are Very Important To Your Backswing and Downswing. We Will Help You Identify Some Limitations...


PLATINUM: 6 Sessions Including Initial Assessment + 3 Sports Massage Sessions + Exclusive Access To Our Online Exercise Library That We Use With Our Pro Golfers;  Over A Three to Six Month Period We Work With You To Allow You To Really Achieve Your Potential; For The Serious Golfer Looking To Make Big Gains In His/Her Golf Game In 2016 Cost: £500

GOLD: Initial Golf Screen And 2 Follow Up Sessions + 1 Sports Massage Session To Allow You To Make Fast Gains And Integrate Straight Into Your Game Effortlessly Cost: £ 250

SILVER: Initial Golf Screen And 1 Follow Up Session To Allow You To Make A Big Impact On A Particular Issue In Your Game Cost: £150

STANDARD: Stand alone golf screen and corrective exercise prescription program Cost: £80

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