Getting Rid of Back Pain

Getting Rid of Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is a very common complaint that we treat in our physio clinics at Leeds, Hudderfield and York on a regular basis with great success.

Usually the site of the pain is not actually the cause of the problem. At Pro Sport Physiotherapy we never chase the pain and always go straight to the source of the problem.

A nice exercise to help alleviate pressure on the lower back is the Waiters Bow or also known as the hip hinge. This teaches our brain to bend forward by sitting back into those hips which essentially means the lower back does not have to work so hard.

  • The patient can use a stick to align the head, mid back and sacrum (just below the lower back).
  • The patient must keep the 3 contact points with the stick throughout the movement.
  • The patient initiates the movement by sticking the bum back as if reaching back to touch a wall.
  • There should be no movement in the lower back with all movement coming from the hips.

The patient returns to the starting position by squeezing the glutes and using these strong powerful muscles to come back up with no pressue on the lower back.


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