Episode 3 – Running Tips Podcast

Episode 3 – Matt Fitzgerald, Author of ’80/20 Running’, California, United States

matt fitzgerald 80/20 running

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Key Points Covered In This Episode:

  • Most runners are running above their ventilatory threshold
  • Runners need to improve their perception of what is a recovery run
  • Kenyan runners spend 80% of their time running at low intensity
  • Be aware of your easy runs intensity and start reflecting on the intensity of each run
  • How to plan your marathon training programme
  • Nutritional advice for runners
  • Eat foods designed for you
  • Much more

Matt’s contact details are below:

Twitter: @MattFitWriter

Matt’s Website: www.mattfitzgerald.org

Matt’s Books

Some Resources Mentioned In The Podcast:

Google Hangout Webinar Poster

The Injury Prevention Toolkit and Monitoring Your Training Intensity

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