Don’t forget your poor shins!

Don’t forget your poor shins!

Shin Muscles are often the missing link!

We have a cool new self test coming up soon in Athletics Weekly all about the havoc the shin muscles can cause on the body. With that in mind are you forgetting about your poor shin muscles when foam rolling?

In our previous blog posts we spoke about how people only stretch muscles that feel tight where as these muscles may actually be ‘long and tight’ and stretching these further will only further increase the stretch on these muscles and make them even tighter! The shin muscles are usually often ‘short and tight’ in most people but will not ‘feel’ tight therefore are often neglected yet are some of the few muscles that require some attention!

Jumping on the foam roller as above and applying pressure through the shins is a great way to release these muscles. Increase or decrease the weight going through the hands to influence the pressure going through the shins! Spending 10 to 12 seconds on each shin all the way up to the knee and down to the ankle!

New Self Running Test Launched Soon!!

This self treatment can also help improve the Huddersfield Runners Self Stretch Test. Keep an eye out for our NEW Self Runners test about to be launched soon in Athletics Weekly or sign up to our newsletter below where we will be sending it FREE OF CHARGE to all our newsletter readers in our May newsletter!



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