Breathing Training For Huddersfield Runners

Welcome to day 5. Today you will learn a simple movement to integrate the jaw back into the breathing cycle as it was designed to do. Improving this will help your back muscles relax throughout the day and be ready to go when you need them in order to improve your running.

High Performance Program

Now Lets Get Your Jaw Working With The Rest Of The Body…
Tomorrow: It Is All About Checking Your Progress…
How Does This Help My Running?
Additional Quick Tips
    • Keep your teeth slightly apart. 
    • Lip together.
    • Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth.
    • Gently press into the pallet. 
    • Move your lower jaw forward an inch, so it slides under the front teeth and is slightly ahead.
    • Inhale through your nose.
    • Exhale or Hum for 6 seconds, feeling your abdominals engage naturally as your ribcage drops.
    • Pause for 2 seconds.
    • Re inhale without shrugging your shoulders, using your neck or back muscles.
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