Breathing Training For Huddersfield Runners

Welcome to day 1. Today you will learn just how important it is to be able to breathe correctly in order to improve your running.

High Performance Program

Watch This Introductory Video First…
Next: The Diaphragm Self Test

Now Perform The Diaphragm Self Test…
Tomorrow:  The Role Of The Tongue In Breathing
How Does This Help My Running?
Additional Quick Tips
    • Place your hands around the lower ribs. 
    • Take a breath in through your nose.
    • Feel the ribs expand 360 degrees on the inhalation.
    • Just before  you exhale, move your hands down to your pelvis. 
    • Feel the abdominals tighten automatically on the exhalation. 
    • These two actions would be classified as a pass. 
    • If you cannot pass yet, do not worry. The next 6 days will help. 
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