Back Pain Deadlifting – Cross-fitness Physio Huddersfield Episode 1

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Welcome to the first ever ‘Cross-fitness Physio Huddersfield ‘ episode. Over the next 10 weeks leading up to Christmas, we are going to be discussing some fundamental errors we see people making in the gym, and hence ultimately, ending up at our clinic. Over the past month, we have had crossfitters, powerlifters and recreational gym users in to see us with back pain from deadlifting so we thought this would be a great first episode! These techniques apply to anyone lifting a weight, not just a specific type of trainer and hence the name!


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Key Points

  • Stick Bum Back To Wall Slightly So Knees Straighten
  • Keep Bar Touching Shins Throughout
  • Ensure Hamstrings Are Activating Before Initiating The Lift
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