Breathing Training For Huddersfield Runners

Welcome to day 6. Today I will show you how to engage your obliques effortlessly and save you time and effort in training these muscles to improve your running efficiency.

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Additional Quick Tips
    • Keep your teeth slightly apart. 
    • Lip together.
    • Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth.
    • Gently press into the pallet. 
    • Move your lower jaw forward an inch, so it slides under the front teeth and is slightly ahead.
    • Place your hands around your lower ribs on each side.
    • Place right leg forward so zipper line faces to the left
    • Place ribcage to the right so the chest bone faces to the right
    • Ensure the head stays straight ahead throughout and relaxed
    • Inhale through your nose.
    • Feel your ribcage expand outwards and NOT inwards.
    • Now place your hands on the top of your pelvis and slightly inside towards your lower abdominals.
    • Hum for as long as possible, feeling your abdominals engage naturally as your ribcage drops.
    • Feel your muscles tighten under your finger tips naturally as you exhale during the 5th and 6th seconds.
    • Pause for 2 seconds.
    • Re inhale without shrugging your shoulders, using your neck or back muscles.
    • Repeat on other side with left leg forward and ribcage twisting to the left.
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