Breathing Training For Huddersfield Runners

Welcome to day 7. Today You Will Learn How To Integrate These Strategies Into Your Running Immediately.

High Performance Program

Now Lets Get These Easy Tips Into Your Running Effortlessly…
Tomorrow: You Will Start To Work Your Abdominals, Diaphragm and Pelvic Floor Muscles As Part Of A System Alongside The Hamstrings, Glutes and Quads In The Breathing Training Inner Circle Level 1 Module…
How Does This Help My Running?
Additional Quick Tips
    • Start with 10 minute fast walking daily with your lips together, tongue on the roof of your mouth throughout 
    • Integrate these strategies into your recovery runs straight away
    • If you cannot breathe effortlessly through your nose during your recovery run then your pace is too fast
    • Recovery runs should be in the rest and digest NOT the fight or flight system
    • Ensure you keep in the rest and digest system during recovery runs via nasal breathing. 
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