Breathing Training For Huddersfield Runners

Welcome to day 4. Today you will learn a secret tip to further improve your breathing by slowing your exhalation down which allows your abdominals to work for longer while stretching the diaphragm.

High Performance Program

Now Lets Get These Abdominals Working Even Better…
Tomorrow: It Is All About Your Jaw…
How Does This Help My Running?
Additional Quick Tips
    • Keep your teeth slightly apart. 
    • Lip together.
    • Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth.
    • Gently press into the pallet. 
    • Inhale slowly through your nose 
    • Hum for as long as possible noticing your ribcage begin to drop and your abdominals begin to tighten naturally
    • Repeat at various opportunities throughout the day. 
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