Best Shoulder Pain Physio Release Exercises

Best Shoulder Pain Physio Release Exercises

Shoulder Pain Release Exercises

Shoulder Pain

Pain in the front of the shoulder can appear due to a ALOT of different causes and unfortunately every person is different which is why an individual assessment is so invaluable. This will allow you to find the root cause of the problem and stop it returning in the future. It can even be because of an old ankle sprain on your opposite side of the body believe it or not!!

Vague Toothache Shoulder Pain

Some of our patients such as those from Extreme Conditioning who push their bodies to the limit on a daily and weekly basis can naturally develop trigger points in their muscles around their shoulder blades due to using them on a daily basis. This is a natural effect of training hard and intense! While professional athletes benefit from regular sports massage to keep these trigger points at bay and continue training, sometimes the muscles get so tight that they send a vague pain to the front of the shoulder. If addressed promptly either with Sports massage, hands on therapy or the exercise below can alleviate the pain pretty quickly and stop it from turning into something more serious!

Shoulder Pain relief

A great exercise to relieve symptoms is the rotator cuff trigger point release exercise below. This exercise is great for releasing the muscles that can get tight and send pain to the front of the shoulder. Find the most tender spot that ideally sends the ache into the front of the shoulder and move the arm like the pictures below.

As always, do not go into excessive discomfort and apply gentle pressure at first. If in doubt always ask a health professional before doing this exercise!

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