Best sciatica treatment exercise for the people of Huddersfield!

Best sciatica treatment exercise for the people of Huddersfield!

Is it because of the hills…

Sciatic nerve pain or pain in the bum cheeks sometimes reaching down the leg is a common condition that we see regularly in our clinics! Possibly because of all the hills around Huddersfield the hip muscles often become imbalanced resulting in tightening of some small muscles that causes the nerves to get pinched!

Although this sciatica treatment exercise below will not address the true cause of the issue it will almost certainly release the muscles that are tightening and hence trapping or tensioning the nerve and provide temporary relief until you can find the true reason why the muscle keeps tightening up!

So what causes Sciatica?

Well as we said, it may be all the hills around Huddersfield and surround areas but the truth is ANYTHING can be causing it. Unfortunately it is not just a simple case of sticking an elbow in the bum cheek! This will cause temporary relief but until you find the exact reason such as other muscles not doing their own jobs or the other leg not helping enough, that poor small hip muscle has no option but to keep tightening up! If you are a runner, one of your 5 running springs may not be working correctly so another spring has to over work and hence eventually tighten up! There is no one size fits all treatment unfortunately with sciatica and bum cheek pain! This is why some people respond well and some people need injections! The people that require injections unfortunately have not been able to find the TRUE cause of why the muscles keep tightening up! Our specific and unique assessment approach ensures we find the true cause and balance your 5 springs in your body to ensure every part of your body is pulling its own weight!

Best sciatic treatment exercises

With that been said we will very often use the exercise below to release the small hip muscles JUST BEFORE WE then STRENGTHEN the muscles that are weak and address the TRUE CAUSE of the pain so the poor small hip muscles stop getting all the blame! It is a great exercise in a situation where you need temporary relief!

Best sciatica treatment exercise for the people of Huddersfield

Starting Position:
Sit on one hip with a tennis/hockey ball under the outside of one of your glutes. Your hands which are positioned behind your back should support your weight.
Adjust your position o the ball until you find a trigger point. Hold any “hot point” for 10seconds. Then switch feet and repeat.

Coaching Key:
Try to place as much body weight as possible on the ball. The more painful it is the more your muscle needs to be massaged but GRADUALLY INCREASE the pressure!

You Should Feel:
As if you were getting a deep massage to your glutes and periformis.

If you have sciatica or pain in the bum cheeks and it keeps returning, please get in touch below and let us find the true cause for you today!



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