Achilles, Calf, Plantar Fascia Stretches and Exercises

We treat a lot of clients with Achilles, Calf and Plantar Fascia pain. These can be stubborn symptoms to resolve however if we find the true cause of WHY they are hurting in the first place, then these symptoms usually settle pretty quickly in our experience. At ProSport Physiotherapy we will always thrive to find the true cause of the injury and never just treat the symptoms.

With this been said, it is important to also allow the structures to move pain free and lengthen as they need to when you walk, run and twist and turn. Here is a great little exercise routine we use in the clinic for these structures to help you get these structures moving. It is important that after you mobilise these structures, you then give your brain the correct stimulus that it needs straight after in the form of whatever exercises we prescribe you at ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield. Remember no two clients are the same and therefore the exercises you are prescribed may be completely different to those of a person presenting with a similar problem. Why? Because the true cause of your problem may be different to another persons.

You may use some or all of this routine before and after you run. Mobilising these structures may give you an OPPORTUNITY to then give your brain the correct stimulus it requires straight after. This may help ‘quieten’ the bad information coming from messengers in those muscles and allow your brain to ‘hear’ the messengers in the muscles that you need to simulate such as the hamstrings, gluteals, abdominals, deep neck flexors, whatever it may be  in order to to get the best output from your brain. Remember your running form/technique is essentially the output from all these messengers in your muscles and the information they feed the brain.

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