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Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield are a team of experienced physiotherapists who have been helping people from Yorkshire and beyond get back to their daily lives or chosen sport or goal pain free for over fifteen years.

At Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield we specialise in THE HUMAN BODY. We have unrivalled experience in sports injuries and low back pain and have helped thousands of people across the North of England. Our philosophy is based on a hands-on treatment approach that works for our elite athletes and can be applied to everyone.Our experienced physiotherapists will accurately assess and treat your condition and will develop an individualised treatment programme.

Whether its a sporting injury, sciatica or chronic low back pain, we treat the cause of your pain and do not just manage your symptoms. Our “Don’t Play Sport” service is available to all our patients and our team of physios are dedicated to getting you back to fitness. Pro Sport Physiotherapy are the current physiotherapy providers to the Huddersfield Giants Rugby League Club, Olympic Snowboarders and European Tour Golfers.

You can now access the same level of sport physiotherapy that is delivered to elite athletes.

Get Specialist Hands On Treatment – “We Think Differently”

Sports Injuries
Back Injuries
Sleeping Anxiety Depression
Running Injuries
Non-Sports Injuries
Neck Injuries
Shoulder Injuries
Ankle Injuries
Pelvic Floor Problem

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