5 Secret Tips To Ensuring A full Recovery After A Marathon

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What a Month a Marathons it has been…
…now it’s time for recovery.

If you have run a marathon this year, or even if you’re in training for one in the next few Months.

We’ve got you covered with 5 tips in the blog below to ensure you get the best recovery possible!

1) Motion is lotion!

Active recovery is a buzzword these days, but keeping moving is really important after a marathon.

After all those miles the first thing most people want to do is sit down (or lie down!), but even just walking around for 20 minutes will make a massive difference to how stiff you feel later that day or the next morning!

Once your race finishes keep walking around the finishers enclosure, drinking plenty of water, and later that evening has a good stretch off with some dynamic gentle movements.

In the days after the race keep active, but don’t exert yourself too much.
Short gentle walks should do the trick!

2) Eat well!

Normally in the weeks leading up to your marathon, you will have been watching what you eat, and as soon as you are done it can be tempting to pig out and enjoy a few beers and glasses of wine!

But eating well AFTER your race is just as important for your recovery.

By all means, have that pizza and couple of beers after the event (we’re not that cruel!) but then get straight back on the wagon and have eaten well again for the rest of the week. You’ll be surprised the difference it makes!

3) Recovery runs!

The last thing you’ll want to do after your marathon is going for another run! But going for a short, light recovery run 24 – 48 hours after your race can leave you feeling so much better afterward.
You need to be careful here, most runners run recovery runs like training runs and go much too quickly!

Keep your pace slow and the miles easy, make sure you’re breathing in and out through your nose, and keep the distance short – 3 miles is a good number.

4) Avoid and manage stress

Stressors come in many different forms – physical stress from hard work, emotional stress from relationships,

Lifestyle stressors from work environments – the list goes on…

During a marathon you will put your body through a lot of physical stress, so managing other stressors in your life is important to give your body the best shot at recovering from that quickly.

Don’t, for example, take on a really stressful project at work to start the Monday after your marathon!

5) Have a sports massage!

And finally, if your muscles are really aching the day after a race a sports massage can work wonders to help you recover quickly!

30 minutes of magic will make a massive difference in the days after a race, so schedule in advance to make sure you find a time that suits you!

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P.S. If you haven’t taken part in your Marathon just yet…

…and are still looking to achieve your Personal Best in the coming months.

You can make sure you do not only that but, get to the start line in tip-top shape and never have to take a day off from training if you don’t want to.

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