2 Essential Tests To Pass Before London Marathon Training Starts

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It’s time to think about starting the serious stuff for the big one, London Marathon Training! Forget ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and starting on the 1st of January. The truth is, your body is going to be tested to it’s maximum, whether you are a beginner or an experienced marathon runner. Why? Because, ultimately it is about YOU VERSUS YOUR BODY! That is what it comes down to. Essentially, it is what your body WILL LET YOU DO in the coming four months. Sure mental toughness is a big part of it and an often untrained aspect of Marathon training, but the reality, the here and now is, if your key muscles, that are going to be working hard over the coming four months physically cannot get into these key positions, then ultimately there is an ‘energy leak’. You are unable to access 5th gear, and are increasing the revs in 4th gearbox, so to speak. We have put together 2 quick tests you can do to see how how your ‘gearbox’ is travelling, before your London Marathon Training journey begins.

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Test #1 The Huddersfield Runners Quadriceps Test

This test is extremely important, especially if your prone to the odd knee pain, achilles twinge or tight calves. As always we need to find the REAL REASON these muscles are tight and restricted in the first place. Anything from core issues, shoulder issues to poor hip extension range of motion can cause you to fail this test. This is one of the first tests our 2015 London Training Package Participants will be passing before they even meet us for our Introductory evening with some key exercises we find can change this test result very quickly.

Test #2 The Huddersfield Runners Quadriceps Test

This test is also extremely important, and is the main focus for the first two weeks of your London Marathon Training Package with us. Anything from past chest infections, other illnesses, stress, anxiety and poor posture are often reasons you will not be able to pass this test. This is also one of the first tests our 2015 London Training Package Participants will be passing and will link very closely to the mental training side of the package. Yes, we will also be showing you some key scientific training techniques to reduce stress and anxiety as well as the physical side of supporting you. We have been lucky to work with some of the countries top Sports Psychologists through our work in professional sport and we have put together some key training exercises to help you mentally, swell as physically. As the logo says, we think differently. We appreciate that we need to train ‘finger nail to toe nail’ in order to allow you achieve your maximum potential.

How Do We Change These Tests?

We use a combination of methods to help you pass these tests in addition to 8 other key tests that we have identified, as been high priority tests to pass to stay injury free and improve performance. We have been working in the trenches of professional sport for the best part of 7 years now, and have learned a lot. Not only what works but what does not work. We are used to working in a high performance environment, when the pressure is on, to get you back into your chosen sport, but most importantly, to keep you back. These tests are designed to help identify key issues with how your body moves and retrain your brain using some key hands on techniques, combined with our online video portal that you will also have 24/7 access to.

Introducing The London Marathon Training Package

  • Introduction Seminar And Injury Prevention Pack, December 2014
  • Movement Screen and Muscle Testing, December 2014
  • Bespoke Foundation Level Injury Prevention Specific Warm Up Dec 14 -Jan 15
  •  Online Video Library Of All Your Warm Up and Injury Prevention Marker Videos
  • Core Training Program With Online Video Support
  • Recovery Sessions With Online Video Support
  • 8 Physiotherapy/Sports Massage Sessions Jan-April 15
  • 33% Discount On  Other ProSport Physiotherapy Services During This Period
  • Online Private Facebook Group Support To Answer Any Questions Or Concerns

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