10 Reasons you need Sports Massage Huddersfield in your life!

10 Reasons you need Sports Massage Huddersfield in your life!

Sports Massage is a big part of the ProSport Physiotherapy philosophy. We are firm believers in the hands on treatment approach. As part of your physiotherapy experience with us you will receive hands on treatment guaranteed! We are now also offering a separate Sports Massage service in our clinic in Huddersfield. Here are 10 great reasons why you need sports massage in your life!

Sports Massage in Huddersfield

 1) Your muscles, ligaments and nerves are just as important as your teeth, cholesterol levels and car!

You get your car serviced and MOT’d, go for dental check-ups, get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked, so why not keep your body and mobility in check? You wouldn’t wait until your car broke down before getting it serviced, so treat your body the same way!

2) Takes pressure off vital organs!

By ensuring that muscles lengthen and switch ‘on’ and ‘off’ as they should during functional movements of life, regular sports massage ensures you keep maximal mobility and movement potential, which allows you to move more efficient! This will cause less energy expenditure.

3) Because we are not living like our ancestors!

Unfortunately most people experience some form of physical pain. This is mainly because our bodies are not designed to sit in cars, chairs and sofas for the majority of the day. Muscles, ligaments and nerves are meant to move through full ranges of movement to keep elasticity and nourish the joints. Sports massage can elongate these muscles back to their rightful lengths!

 4) ‘Aches and Pains’ are NOT normal and part of getting older!

Too many people accept the pain they feel throughout movement as a ‘normal’ part of getting older, sometimes to the point where they put up with years of pain and poor movement that eventually leads to a joint replacement or disability. Regular sports massage ensures that no joint or muscle takes on more load than it needs to by releasing tight and overactive muscles surrounding the joint, as well as the joint capsule itself, and activating ‘shut off’ muscles straight after to ensure the balance is restored. This takes excessive load off of the joint, which in turn, reduces pain and improves movement.

5) Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

We have noticed common compensation strategies that people use in daily life. Very few people squat on and off a chair correctly or lunge and reach correctly in all different angles. This leads to certain muscles compensating! Its no wonder people have neck, low back, knee and calf pain! Those poor muscles are working all day long for the muscles that are supposed to be working once squatting and lunging correctly!

6) Improves performance!

The ‘perfect’ athlete is comprised of three core elements: their ability to move, their ability to perform at the highest level, and their ability to meet the technical aspects of their game. Mastery of all three of these is the key to success at the highest level. Regular sports massage significantly helps with the first two elements. It ensures your body is moving as it should be and ensures your muscles are firing in the right order, and in balance with other muscle groups. This makes movement more fluid and performance easier as muscles do not have to over work to achieve the desired movement, leaving you to focus on the technical elements of your chosen sport!

7) Improve the sustainability of your sporting career or your durability in the game of life!

Whether amateur or professional or non sporting, we all hope to be able to continue with our chosen sport, hobbies and activities for as a long as possible. By ensuring your body is moving and working as it should be, a regular sports massage helps you to continue to perform to the best of your ability for longer than if you were to continue without getting regular mobility checks!

8) Reduces tension and stress

Unfortunately the majority of us experience stress and tension as part of our daily lives. The trapezius muscles and the muscles of the neck and jaw are known to carry a lot of extra tone and tension when one experiences stress. If you are carrying a lot of stress or trapped emotions sports massage can help relieve some unwanted tension.

9) It feels good!

How many hours in a week/month do you get to just ‘switch off’ for an hour and get a chance for your brain to recharge! Whilst some of the hands on techniques involve a level of discomfort, the feeling of relaxation and ‘looseness’ you get after a sports massage leaves you feeling great and ready to go again! This has a knock on effect on your mood, anxiety and stress levels (another leading cause of absenteeism in the work place), which in turn affects your ability to go about your everyday life and participate in your chosen sport!


Your first session with Rachel, our specialist Soft Tissue Sports Massage Therapist and Massage therapist to the Huddersfield Giants is only £20! In addition, every 6th session is FREE!

It’s easy!

All you have to do to book your Sports Massage Huddersfield is book either a 1hr or 30min slot and arrive at our convenient location in the centre of Huddersfield to avail of all of the above benefits! To book simply call 07003 400 543 or email: Huddersfield@prosportphysiotherapy.co.uk . You will not be sorry you called!

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